No stone left unturned, we find the richest soil to grow the finest olive trees. 
No leaf leftover, we create our unique wellness teas to give you a new leaf on life.

Our heritage is in olives. Now, olive leaf tea.

What began as an initiative to reduce leaf waste on our farms, Stone & Grove™ olive leaf teas are the result of several years of trialling and experimenting to bring you the perfect olive leaf cuppa.

With over 20 years olive growing expertise across our three groves in Australia, it's fair to say our passion for our olive trees inspires everything we do. From tree to tea, we aim to capture all of the natural olive goodness, enabling us to deliver superior quality, traceable, Australian-made products. 

First brewed in 2018, our Stone & Grove™ olive leaf teas are made using the finest estate grown olive leaves sourced from the Cobram Estate olive groves in North-West Victoria, Australia. Produced seasonally using a traditional Japanese process, our fresh leaves are carefully harvested and made into olive leaf tea, and then handcrafted by our master tea blender into our unique range of refreshingly delicious wellness tea range. Finally, the teas are packed into biodegradable pyramid tea bags and into our re-useable canisters, ready to be drunk by you.   

Drink it in.

The Grove

It’s where the goodness grows. All 1.3 million of them. Where we plant, harvest, and create. We’re passionate and perfectionists when it comes to our olive trees and the products they give us. And we’re giving back. By using more of the outputs from our olive trees and reducing our footprint on the very red dirt they grow in.