1. How do I brew Olive Leaf Tea?

Olive leaf tea naturally contains the unique antioxidants olive products are famous for.  When brewing Olive Leaf Tea, we recommend starting with water that is a little below boiling temperature (ideally 90c/194F), and then steep your tea bag in the water for no longer than 2 minutes for our Olive Leaf Tea and Olive Leaf + Green Tea Sencha, and no longer than 4 minutes for our wellness blends. Steeping for longer times will result in a stronger flavour, and in the case of Olive Leaf + Green Tea Sencha some mild bitterness from the antioxidants may be detected. 

2. How does Stone and Grove™ produce Olive Leaf Tea?

We use a traditional Japanese green tea sencha process to make our Olive Leaf Tea.  Our fresh olive leaves are picked from selected trees on our groves, processed in a Japanese green tea making factory, tasted and tested by our quality assurance team and then blended into our wellness range by one of Australia’s most experienced master tea blenders using some of the finest herbs and teas available.

3. What antioxidants are found in Olive Leaf Tea?

The predominant antioxidants found in Olive Leaf Tea are oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol.  Research shows that components of the olive leaf (most prominently, oleuropein) may have beneficial effects on health.  Refer to https://olivewellnessinstitute.org/olive-leaf/olive-leaf-tea/ for more information.

4. Do our teas contain lead?

Our tea brews are tested for trace heavy metals, and levels of lead are below detectable limits.  

5. Do our teas contain EGCg?

EGCg is present only in our green tea sencha blend.  EGCg is the main component of group of antioxidants in green tea called “catechins”.